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IGN showcases all of the known cheats for use within digital steelport in Saints Row IV. Go to the ‘Cheats’ section of the ‘Extras’ menu to enter a cheat code. Be aware that while cheats are active, autosaves and achievement / trophy unlocks will be disabled.

“Free” Cheats:
CHEESE – Add 0K to your bank account.
LETSROCK – Equips a full loadout of randomized weapons.
GOODYGOODY – clears all notoriety
RUNFAST – Infinite Sprint
FRYHOLE – “Heavenbound” – dead bodies float into the sky
VROOM – Indestructible Cars
ISQUISHYOU – Cars now drive over other cars like tanks (This can only be deactivated by reloading a clean save file).
HOHOHO – Pedestrians turn into pimps and hos.
MASCOT – Pedestrians turn into mascots.
EVILCARS – Cars on the road try to kill you.

These are the cheats that we’ve discovered so far. If you find others, let us know or add them to our wiki!

NOTE: Other cheats are available through purchasing the Executive Privilege Pack DLC. It includes the staple videogame cheats such as Infinite Ammo and Invincibility, as well as fully upgrading your superpowers to 100% and unlocking all of the available upgrades. It also contains the Car Mass Hole cheat, which increases the mass of your vehicle, allowing it to smash through traffic like an unstoppable battering ram.

GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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