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MW3 Glitches & Tricks – Part 1 (Outpost, Downturn, Resistance, Bootleg, Arkaden)

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THERE ARE STORY SPOILERS IN THIS VIDEO. Everybody knows Rockstar is the king of controversy so let’s see what sort of despicable things they’ve put in GTA 5. Now get ready for the top 5 shocking moments in GTA 5!

5 . Getting high

It’s possible to get high in Grand Theft Auto 5. You can take a fat bong rips … and there is a mission where you smoke a joint and go on an all out rampage.

4. Stripclub

The strip club in GTA 5 is more interactive ever before. You can get a topless lap dance by multiple strippers and even throw money at them.

3. Paparazzo mission

In one of the paparazzi missions you have to film someone bent over a table. Let’s just say she isn’t looking for her keys…

2. Trevor kills Johnny Klebitz

The introduction of psychopath Trevor is really shocking. He bangs the girlfriend of Johnny Klebitz and shuts him up for good. Now that’s a hell of a debut for a new character.

1. Torture scene

The torture scene is the most shocking scene in GTA 5. You can water-board a character, break a knee-cap with a wrench, electrocute him with a car battery and if you’re feeling particularly savage, extract a tooth with a pair of pliers. It’s so savage.

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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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