GTA 5 Online Money

How To Get GOD MODE!! GTA5 Online Invincibility Glitch – Xbox 360 & PS3

GTA 5 Online Money Hack

Today i bring you guys God Mode for GTA 5 Online!!! This works on xbox 360 and PS3 and you can do it solo! All you need to do is join a session with people in it on gta online. Then go in your garage with a TV and scroll through the channels till you hit the spectate channel. Once on the spectate channel push right on the thumbstick so u r on the channel beside spectate. Hit start, load up creator then immediately hit start, play gta online, and hit go. When u spawn in u should be in your garage. walk up to the TV, hit right on dpad to interact with it, then laft on the thumbstick. You will spawn under the map. Walk till u hit water and then swim to suface hit “x” or square to climb to the surface and enjoy not dieing!
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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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