GTA 5 Online Money

How To Get a Mod Menu On GTA 5 PS3 OFW No Jailbreak!!

GTA 5 Online Money Hack

L1+L3 To Open Menu
Credits to: D3aD3DiTZz
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About me:
I’m an experienced PS3 Modder, i’ve been using a jailbroken console for over 2 years and got a lot of knowledge through that.
I’ve made several tutorials how to use a jailbroken playstation on a custom firmware. How to get safe online without getting banned.
Also tutorials on switching custom firmwares (cfw) on a jailbroken ps3. Next to these kind of tutorials there are also plenty of tutorials on my channel how to host modded lobbies, use rtm tools and many more other tutorials. Thats not everything. I’m also a commentator and upload commentaries on a daily base. Also Trolling is Something you can find on my channel on games like Black Ops 2. I like to interact with you guys hosting together modded lobbies and Live Stream. If you got any Questions remaining feel free to ask it or scroll through my Videos to get an answer!

GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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