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A new trick I just figured out for making millions (billions?) on the LCN exchange. I made ,000,000 in 30 minutes! If I bought it at a lower price, I probably could have made 200-300 mill. Should work with any brand.

In text:
*First buy any stock that’s on an UP trend at it’s low point or mid point, quick save (as a new slot, in case you stuff up).
*Wait for it to go up, keep sleeping to pass time, but don’t save the game with the bed, instead hit O (PS) or B (Xbox) to go back without saving.
*Quick save each time the profit margin goes higher, if it starts to go down, just load your quick save and it’ll re-generate the stock market so that it might go up A LOT!

This works for after you complete the story and need some extra cash.

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Disclaimer: I’m not sure whether anybody figured this out before me, I haven’t searched for it anywhere, so I like to think that it was my own original idea.
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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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