GTA 5 Online Money

GTA 5 {Online} “How to Use CHEAT CODES Online!!”

GTA 5 Online Money Hack


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1. Have a capture mission created, either ready to test or fully published.
2. Go onto GTA Online, pause the game, and press A once on the Xbox Game Store tab.
3. Join a recent player’s game (go to your friends list and press RB twice).
4. Press A twice once you’re out of the pause menu.
5. Once you spawn in GTA Online (your character will not be able to move), hold down on the d-pad and switch to Michael.
6. It will put you in the Xbox Game Store. Just back out of it.
7. Once your single player loads up, go to the creator and choose “Create a Deathmatch”.
8. Once you’re in the deathmatch creator, hover over the “Exit” option on the menu, then press A once on the Xbox Game Store.
9. Repeat step 3 and 4.
10. Once it loads up, you’ll still have the creator menu in the top right. Tap right trigger for about 30 seconds until you spawn where you do in the video.
11. Go to Load Creation, click published, then immediately hold down on the d-pad and select Franklin. (You might need the video’s help for this part).
12. You’ll load up a screen with your deathmatch in the top right corner. Once you’re here, type in “B, B, Up, Up, A, A”. (Or “O, O, Up, Up, X, X” on PS3)
13. You’ll spawn in some sort of free-fly mode as if you’re in the creator. Keep pressing buttons until the race creator menu pops up.
14. Click Exit, then load up your Capture Mission that you created.
15. Once you’re in the Capture creator, enter whatever cheat codes you want active in your session (super jump, super speed, etc.), then test the Capture mission.
15. Once you’re in the capture mission, simply invite your friend(s) to it.




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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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