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GTA 5 – How To Install USB Mod Menu’s NO JAILBREAK! PS3 OFW! (GTA 5 Mod Menu Tutorial)

GTA 5 Online Money Hack

GTA 5 - How To Install USB Mod Menu's NO JAILBREAK! PS3 OFW! (GTA 5 Mod Menu Tutorial)

GTA 5 ONLINE PS3 – How To Install USB Mod Menu’s NO JAILBREAK on PS3 OFW. GTA 5 PS3: How To Install USB Mod Menu’s 1.26 (NO JAILBREAK) On OFW -GTA 5 Mod Menu Tutorial – I hope this video helps you get GTA 5 1.26/1.27 Mod Menu’s with NO JAILBREAK! (OFW) *WORKING 1.26!!* – Nicazeo

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*FIX to getting stuck in Online Tutorial race*
If you get frozen on tutorial race, here is a fix. When loading into online, open your mod loader and enable console trainer v1. Go to the camera menu and before your character goes into the race, quickly go into free camera. Then fly away from the race area and enable Slinky’s recovery menu! From there, set a rank of your choise and use D-Pad to switch to a single player character. Once in SP, load into GTA Online once more and the tutorial race will bypass!

Q. How do I open the menu?
A. Press L3 & R3 in sync for 2-3 seconds and a Menu Manager will appear!

Q. If I give myself money and rank, then remove the menu’s can I keep them?
A. Yes, If you add the features you want, then wait for the orange loading circle in the bottom right, so you know it has saved, then you are safe to remove the menu’s and keep the upgrades!

Please watch the WHOLE video to understand the pro’s and con’s of this USB modding method. If you are left with questions which have not been answered. Comment them below, Please be patient and respectful when you comment 😀

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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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